How can you tell if your home is “healthy?

Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips is a workbook that helps to answer “the question” and this link will take you to a Google Books Preview which contains a large number of the pages from the original book covering a lot of subjects.

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What’s the California EcoBroker Blog all About?

The goal is for it to evolve into a place where folks interested or new to “Green Living” will come to hear what’s going on in that world and hopefully contribute some of their own stories and ideas. Look for interviews with the “movers & shakers” of the Green Building industry, Green Real Estate, Energy Efficiency, Healthy Homes, Solar and other Renewable Energy sources. Feel free to spread the word so we can build the community. Please note: All information and opinions on this blog and any blog or website linked to this blog is provided for informational and discussion purposes only and is not endorsed by and has not been verified to be accurate by California EcoBroker Blog nor Max Greenberg, the blog creator. It is suggested that all information be checked and verified prior to any action being taken by the blog readers and contributors. Use of this blog indicates the user’s agreement to the terms of the above note.

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