Generation Green Expo in San Jose

I attended this past weekend’s Generation Green Expo in San Jose, CA, June 26 and 27. It didn’t quite seem to live up to my expectations. Spoty crowds, not sure if it was due to lack of marketing and advertising (I happened to catch a print ad for it on the back of the Mercury News; there was a small sign stuck in the ground near my local Costco in Mt View.) The SJ Convention Center may not have been the best venue – it was large and noisy.

On the other hand, the lineup of speakers and presenters was plentiful and the ones I heard were knowledgeable and informative. Alternative fuel (natural gas, electric…) vehicles were on display and well represented. Michael Brown and Shari Prange from Electro Automotive, long time vets of the electric car business, were showing off their all-electric VW Rabbit. There were a number of quality solar PV and hot water companies, including REC Solar which was represented by Evan Sarkisian. A number of “green” products, like no-VOC paints and flooring products, actually appeared to be quite green.

The “green” business is becoming more mainstream everyday!

When attending “green” expos it’s important to pick and choose carefully to make the best use of your time. I would rate this one a C.


About Max Greenberg

Residential Realtor, Senior Retirement Community Expert.
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